Zack Update 3/27/2007

Another uneventful year which is exactly what I hoped for.  Zack is doing really great (especially since he just celebrated his 3rd birthday with lots of presents)!  He knows all of his colors and can count to 20.  Even though it’s been a while I must cut this update short since Zack is begging me to play Play-Doh with him.  To make up for such a short update here is a picture of Zack driving his birthday present with his friend.

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  1. Not to be rude but I have been living with LCHAD for seventeeen years. And yes people should know about it. But you need to realize how hard it is on the older people with this condition. When I was his age I nearly died several times so be lucky he is young now when they know how to treat it better. but trust me he will care more about how it effects him when he can’t play a lot of sports or if it effects his eyes and he can’t drive. Just remember this

    • Hey Erik,

      You’re not being rude at all. LCHAD is not a walk in the park. My wife and I have 3 children and two of them have LCHAD. There have been several close calls with Zack and Abby has had a lot of trouble already even though she is only a year old. Have you been able to find any other people your age with LCHAD? It might be cool for you to meet them.

  2. sorry it was eighteen years just had my birthday

  3. no I am actually the oldest my doctor has ever heard of with my disease. and sorry if I sounded rude when I posted my comment my sister just got her license and it hit me like a load of bricks. by the way isnt it rare for a family to have multiple children th LCHAD

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